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Started playing drums in 1966.

First real kit was a Broadway classic, in a sorry state of repair. I now use Ludwig, or Gretsch drums, or even a mix of both.

First real band was called Salvo, who were,  Paul Adam on Bass,  Barry Archer on Lead guitar, Adrian Brooker on Vocals and harmonica,  and myself on drums. This led to the forming of Winkle Bill. This band took many guises over the years, but the original line up consisted of. . . Malcolm Barnard – Lead vocals and saxophone: Chris Godden – Keyboards and guitar: Paul Adam – Bass: Barry Archer – Guitar: Myself – drums.

First gig was supporting the Nashville Teens at a local college. This band had a lot of front line changes over the years, but always seemed to hold its popularity.

I had tried various ventures over the years. Never really sure of what I was looking for.

Ended up playing for a while, with Dirtie Bertie.  Best boogie band around. Playing local pubs, to Kent Custom Bike shows.

Had a period of about 5 to 6 years, where playing was put on the back burner for a while.  I unfortunately got trapped in a mundane job in London. Soon to change though, when I saw an advert in the paper for a blues band looking to go abroad and play the Belgium blues festivals. Best move I had made in a long time.  Front man of the band, (Still Waters Blues Band),  was a guy called The Wolf. A legend in his own lifetime.  He had recorded and played with some of the greatest names around. I could not miss this opportunity to say a few words about him.  It was a privilege to have known and played with him.

Met an excellent bass player while with the blues band, called Gaz Barnes. From there, came a brief encounter with the Clintstones. Then had a call from  Brian Hughes, another long term member of the Medway music scene.  From that phone call, came forth, Very Umble, consisting of, Ray Pye, Damo Fawsett, Brian Hughes and myself.

Next up, came Element. A Dover based band, with Matt Knox, Steve Saunders, Andrea Lavigna.

This soon followed on to another new venture, when I was in the honoured position, of been invited to play with 2 of Medway's finest, Andy Dungate and Mark Letley.  Andy, having found an excellent keyboard player in Dan, a formerly unknown factor, had contacted Mark, "to put something together".  I think at that time, that they were actually looking for a drummer, but in the end, Mark rang me and asked if I would be interested.  And so was born "Changing The Clocks."  

After this, came "Running Barefoot".  Some original members of Dirtie Bertie. (The "Barefoot", Is in very fond memory, of ‘Barefoot’, one of the nicest guys and best drum roadies, I have known)

Next up is Talisman. Playing a mixture of well known and not so well known covers. Absolutely LOVED this band.

Featuring Brian Hughes, Todd Winger and myself.

Now back playing, almost where I started, with Dirtie Bertie, with, Ray, Robbo, Jon, Gary Seager and myself.

First main influences were, Cream, Hendrix, Zeppelin, John Mayal, Queen, Fleetwood Mac.

Some of my favourite drummers, Ian Paice, Jon Bonham, Ginger Baker, Neil Pert, Nicko McBrain & Jukka Nevalainen to name just some.

Salvo Progressive Rock Band (1966/67’ish)

Winkle Bill

Dirtie Bertie


Cenet Rox

Cross Section

Still Waters Blues Band

Very Umble


Changing The Clocks

Running Barefoot


Dirtie Bertie  (current Band)